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CEO School for Solopreneurs:

Build Your Dream Team to Grow Your Dream Business


The school for solopreneurs like you who want a fast-track to taking your business to the next level.

You want to grow smart. 

You're craving a step-by-step strategy for building your team based on long-term business goals, while nurturing your own growth to step into yourself as a powerful leader. 

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Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let's talk about who this is really for:

  • You are a values-led solopreneur who loves what you do and is not afraid to dream big
  • You are ready to take your revenue to the next level, through growing into your leadership power and building your team. You know that with the right team, you will inevitably reach your long-term goals.
  • You want a fast-track to building a big-picture strategy to guide your process to for smart growth.

If you are...

  • A service provider who has reached a ceiling of revenue you are able to bring in on your own. New client inquiries outpace your availability. 
  • A product business who knows that scaling production is the key to better margins, but then you'll need a more robust sales and marketing team on board
  • Any business who would love a back office team to support you in maintaining the high quality service you take pride in providing


...You're in the right place!


Now I'll tell you exactly how CEO School for Solopreneurs will give you the tools and support on your journey to becoming the CEO of your growing business and team. 

By the end of this program, 

you will have:

  1. Your unique Vision Document declaring long-term goals for yourself and your business
  2. A CEO Powergrid: a map of the blocks that get in the way of your CEO power, and the tool for reclaiming your power whenever you face leadership challenges
  3. Your Big Picture Growth Plan for scaling revenue, made possible by having your Dream Team in place 
  4. A complete Dream Business Management Training on how to build a culture you and your dream team will feel lucky to be a part of
  5. The confidence to become your Dream Team's Best Boss Ever, and enjoy every minute!


Above all else...

CEO School for Solopreneurs will give you the vision for yourself as a powerful leader, able to take your business in whatever direction you desire. Together with your Dream Team, your business will soar into new heights, creating the ideal win-win-win scenario for you, your team, and your customers.  


CEO School for Solopreneurs will transform your business and your life.

Here's What's Inside the Box: 


The entire CEO School for Solopreneurs 5-Step Framework in 12 Weekly Lessons ($4500 value)

to take you step-by-step from getting clear on your big vision goals, becoming the best boss your team has ever had the pleasure of working with, all the way to enjoying the reward for scaling your business. Each lesson will include a teaching video and downloadable PDF worksheets to help you to build and execute your Big Picture Growth Plan. 


Twelve Weekly 60-Minute Teaching Calls with Mae ($2370 value)

where you'll receive live Zoom teaching each week following the lesson, and you'll have an opportunity to ask powerful questions and receive on-the-spot one-on-one coaching where you're feeling unsure when completing your worksheets. The learning in a group is powerful even if you're not the person asking the question. Don't worry, each teaching call will be recorded so you will have access to the replays if you have to miss it!


Plus these added bonuses to support you on your journey from Solopreneur to  CEO:



A Private 12-Week Facebook Group--JUST for Students Enrolled in CEO School for Solopreneurs ($297 value)

This will be a private confidential space just for those enrolled in CEO School for Solopreneurs, so you can ask questions, post your wins, and get the support you need as you're working through the lessons each week. Mae and her team will be there to answer questions periodically during the week, but the real magic lies in the support you'll give and receive from each other. You will find that offering support to others sometimes creates the biggest learnings for yourself.



A Kickoff Party Celebration Tuesday July 5 ($89 value)

A bonus Zoom Live to meet and greet each other and congratulate each other for saying yes to yourselves and going on this three-month ride together!



Free 60 minute Coaching Session ($395 value)

Anyone who acts quickly will get an opportunity for a private one-to-one session with Mae to unlock any questions you have about your Big Picture Growth Plan. The session can be scheduled to occur within the duration of the 12 week course. To qualify, you must purchase the course before Saturday June 25 at 11:59pm PST  

I'm Interested!

Answers to some common questions: 

  • What will it take for me to get the best results in the 12 weeks?
    • The way I work with business owners like you is to teach you how to find the answers for your business from your own vision, expertise, and intuition. Therefore, the strategy you create will reflect the your degree of willingness to tell yourself the truth about who you are and what you want to create. 
  • How much time do I need to commit to do the work each week?
    •  The class sessions will take about 90 minutes
    • Worksheets are best completed about 30 minutes per day over a few days.
    • You'll get even more result if you are diligent about asking questions in the Facebook group and responding to posts from your classmates. 
  • Do I have a limited amount of time to access the course materials?
    • You'll have lifetime access to the videos on Kajabi, and PDFs will be downloadable so you can take them with you.
  • Is this for me if I'm just starting my business?
    • This course will prepare you for scaling your business whenever you are ready to put in the work. It does assume you already have a robust sense of the revenue you're able to earn for your offerings, and you already have a sense of all the tasks required to execute your business successfully. 
  • What's the return policy?
    • I have faith that this course is a game-changer for solopreneurs wanting to create a clear strategic growth plan for scaling and building their team. The clarity and ease from having a big-picture growth plan in place alone will provide a multiple return on your time and investment.
    • If, however, you find this course is not a fit for you, I commit to providing you a full refund of your investment if:
      • 1) demonstrate you've watched the available videos, completed the PDF worksheets, and watched the live group sessions and
      • 2) reach out to me with your request within 14 days of course access.
  • I'm interested, but can I ask you a few more questions?
    • Absolutely! Sending me a direct message on Instagram or Facebook is the best way to reach me.   

Why I am so passionate about CEO School for Solopreneurs

When I was building my children's retail business, I could not see that what I'm teaching you in this course was even available to me. After bootstrapping and DIY building this and other businesses on my own, through years of feeling stressed and stuck, I finally allowed myself to build a team. Only then was the business truly able to fly. I was freed to lead the business in the ways I always wanted to, while bringing in more revenue than ever. 

As I grew in my identity as a business leader and mentor, through hundreds of conversations, more and more people told me they did not see what was possible for them either. Now as a business coach, I've taken what I experienced growing my business and growing into my personal power into helping other solopreneurs and small team business owners create more wealth and ease as they nurture and scale their businesses. This course delivers the material I have seen to be most powerful for my clients and for myself.

I wrote this course so you would have the shortcut I wish someone had led me through step-by-step during my first years in business. I don't want you to suffer one moment longer than you need to when the right help is available to you now. Let this be the moment you invested in a solution, knowing that the peace of mind you'll gain when you build your smart growth strategy will be priceless. 

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