Meet Mae Chan, Business Coach & Community Builder

Mae began her business coaching practice in 2019, helping heart-led entrepreneurs create more wealth and ease by aligning their businesses with their authentic selves. With a grounding in faith, Mae believes every one of us has a gift the world is waiting to receive. Whether you're dreaming of a better work life by starting a business, or if you're a 20 year veteran and battling burnout, Mae will be your guide to creating a business providing wealth with ease.  

Mae brings experience from over a decade in architecture, non-profit housing, and community organizing in East Oakland. In 2006 Mae created the award-winning neighborhood children's boutique Ruby's Garden. For 13 years, she nurtured a gathering space for families who made the shop a second home.

As a woman of color and a daughter of Chinese immigrants, Mae brings an often overlooked perspective from a non-dominant culture to every space she occupies. 

Why Real Life Oakland? 

We live in bodies, in geographic locations. As the world has gone increasingly virtual, we are living in proximity, sharing space. We are all connected and we are inspired and lifted up to our best selves when we connect deeply with each other. The way we work is an important venue for how we each impact the world around us. If all of our work can reflect our values, and we create workplaces based on generosity and equity, then small business owners everywhere can create financial freedom for themselves and for their teams.